About UConn Gives

For 36 hours on April 15-16, all of UConn Nation will come together to show their support for the University they love and the programs they are passionate about. Gifts can be made between 7 AM EST on April 15 and 7 PM EST on April 16.


We raised over $400,000 from more than 4,600 donors through last year’s UConn Gives initiative. Join us in making 2020 bigger and better.

How to Use This Toolkit

Help us spread the word. This toolkit has all the assets you’ll need to motivate your alumni, students, and donors to support your project. Use the sample files and start promoting your project or UConn Gives as a whole, or download the logo to create your own custom material.

Not sure where to start? Review the UConn Gives Prep and Promotion Calendar for a suggested timeline of tactics.


This section contains the basic elements needed to start talking about UConn Gives. Download the UConn Gives logo, use the boilerplate message below, and start sharing! We’ve provided some key messages to help you get started.


Access the full suite of logos. Choose the version that works best for you.

Boilerplate Messaging

Thousands of reasons to give. One stronger university. UConn Gives is a 36-hour giving initiative, where you can celebrate your favorite aspects of the University through giving. You’re invited to support the funds, schools & colleges, or campuses you’re passionate about and share in the excitement surrounding UConn’s bright future. Together, we will wrap up the gift of an exceptional education for our students. For more information, visit givingday.uconn.edu.

Key Messages

Add these key points to your communication material, or use them as a starting point in crafting your own messages.

Social Media

Utilize the power of social media to get your network excited about UConn Gives. Reach your followers on any social platform using elements below.


Make your social media posts visually impactful with these UConn Gives images.

Sample Posts

Need some inspiration for your social posts? Check out these samples that you can use or adapt for your social media outreach.

Social Media FAQ

Need more information? Check out our list of frequently asked questions regarding the social strategy for UConn Gives and social media best practices.

Facebook Frame

A custom UConn Gives profile picture frame is available on Facebook. Search “UConn Gives 2020” to update your photo and encourage your followers to do the same.

Social Media Challenges

Encourage your supporters to participate in any (or all) of the social media challenges for a chance to unlock extra funds towards the cause of their choice.

Email and Web

Speak directly to those in your network through email, or provide broad access to your UConn Gives project on your website. Below you’ll find UConn Gives web button and email templates.

Web Buttons

Make it easy for your supporters to give. Add a button on your website that directly links to your project.

Copy and paste the following code into the back end of your website:

<a class=”btn btn-danger” role=”button” href=”YOUR DIRECT LINK” target=”_blank”>GIVE NOW</a>

Outlook Sample

Copy, paste, and customize this email sample into your Outlook email to share with those in your network.

Giving Page Set Up Directions

For project leads: use these directions to set up your giving page for UConn Gives!

Web Banners

Make a splash on the homepage of your website with one of provided web banners. Don’t forget to link to givingday.uconn.edu.


Going all in with all marketing channels for UConn Gives? Below you’ll find everything you need for print marketing, tv monitors and presentations, and video.

Flyers and Posters

Post in your area to let people know you are participating in UConn Gives!


UConn Alumni will be posting videos to their social media account you can share. If you would like to share a video to another source all videos can be found on the UConn Gives playlist on our YouTube channel.  

Power Point Slides

Use these slides to advertise UConn Gives and provide information to your supporters and advocates.


Showing gratitude for your donors is a crucial part of UConn Gives. Below you’ll find sample language for print, email, and social media,  and best practices for thanking your supporters.

Best Practices

View tips from the Foundation on language, channel, timing, and more.

Sample Letters

Sending a personal note is the best way to thank a donor. View a sample letter to get started.

Additional Resources


General FAQ

Need more information? Check out our list of frequently asked questions regarding UConn Gives.

Overview Workshop

Miss the UConn Gives workshop? Need a refresher on the information covered? Don’t worry! View the workshop slides here.

Promotion Calendar

Stay up to date with the UConn Foundation’s marketing strategy and our suggested marketing timeline for participating projects.

Guide to Champion Recruitment

Find your ambassadors to help you spread the word!

Questions? Contact contactus@foundation.uconn.edu.